Joining the Métal Marquis team means:

• Quality jobs where your talents will be drawn upon

• A positive and friendly working atmosphere

• Quality work equipment and tools

• A safe work environment

• A work schedule reconciling working life and family life

In addition to having a stimulating work environment, based on continued improvement and teamwork, our employees have access to a wide range of social benefits:

• Group insurance

• Pension plan

• Work-life balance measures

• Social committee

• Employee assistance program

Jobs and training currently offered. We need your talent!


If no job in your field is currently posted, we invite you to send us your resume and we will keep it in our bank of candidates for any future opening within our ranks!


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Discover Métal Marquis' career opportunities

Welder-Fitter Designer
Machinist and CNC technician Mechanical engineers
Operator Electrical engineers
Sandblaster Computer technician
Electromechanical technician  
Hydraulic technician  
Estimator Accounting
Buyer Administrative accounting assistant
Purchasing assistant Assistant production
Storekeeper Human ressources manager

Don’t miss any job opportunity with Métal Marquis. We invite you to send us your resume. We will keep it in candidate our bank for any possible job opening at Métal Marquis.

Come to our facilities and speak with us directly or apply here.


Trainee placement

Métal Marquis promotes the next generation and takes part in training in the various trades offered. We are open to receiving trainees in all areas of study, particularly those mentioned below.

Skill training certificate Attestation of Vocational Specialization (AVS)
 Welding and fitting  High-pressure welding
 Industrial painting  Numerical control machine tool operation
 Construction equiqment mechanic  
 Mécanique de véhicules lourds routier  
Diploma of Vocational Studies (DEP)Diploma of College Studies (DEC)
Welding and fitting  Mechanical engineering technology
Machining techniques  Industrial electronics technology
Contruction equipment mechanic  Industrial maintenance technology
Automated systems Electromechanics  Accounting and management technology
Secretariat studies  Computer science technology
Vente de pièces mécanique et d'accessoires  
Fabrication de structures métalliques et de métaux ouvrés  
Mécanique de véhicules lourds routiers  
Bachelor’s degree  
 Mechanical engineering  
 Electrical engineering  
 Industrial relations  

We are also open to taking part in various academic studies.

Please contact us about this.


New graduates play an important role in our company. We encourage new graduates to apply for the various job openings offered by Métal Marquis.

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